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Who Was Anna Anderson?

Who Was Anna Anderson?

You have looked at the evidence and by now have probably decided whether you think Anna Anderson was Anastasia or an imposter. But there is more information to this story:

In 1938 Anna Anderson asked a German court to try her case and prove that she was Anastasia. This would allow her access to the Romanov fortune.

The case dragged on.

In 1964, after closely examining photographs of both Anastasia and Anderson a German doctor stated that she was Anastasia.

A handwriting expert also believed that Anderson was Anastasia.

In 1970 the German court finally reached a decision that there was not enough evidence to prove that Anderson was Anastasia.

In 1977 a forensic expert identified that Anderson was Anastasia.

Anderson died in America in 1984.

Shortly after her death, using DNA testing that had not been available before, it was decided that Anderson was not Anastasia but Polish factory worker Franzisca Schanzkowska.

However, Anderson's supporters, believe that the tissue tested was not Anderson's.

It seems that the case of Anna Anderson will remain one of History's mysteries.